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Greg Vitek

"It's all about people's lives...their hopes and dreams."


Greg's hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina has become one of the Top 5 cities in this nation to live and work. After working in the Research Triangle Area as a manager in the manufacturing sector for over 15 years, he transitioned into working as a Real Estate Agent in 2009. Buying and selling a few personal homes gave him the insight to see the need to help others buy and sell their own homes as a career.


Greg specializes in both listing and selling homes by giving clients expert advice on pricing, deposits, due diligence, home inspections, mortgage options and real estate closing attorneys. He also can help with finding qualified upgrade and repair contractors to help you get your home ready to sell or to help with your dream home purchase.


As a local community member, Greg has seen the Triangle Area grow both as a market and as a culture. He understands where the market has been and can forecast future shifts, giving his clients comfort through local expertise. Greg is part of the Luxe Residential Team and believes in their commitment to helping new and existing clients meet their real estate needs at a higher level.


Let Greg introduce you to what separates Luxe Residential from other companies. Reach out to him for a no obligation conversation or professional MLS property search.

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